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Happy with the kit, Pontoon are a great bunch team who were fantastic to work with. Looking forward to doing some more biz soon. -Marina

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I have nothing to complain about, their team was great and the products looked wonderful. -Elijah

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We needed team runners for a bush run on the 6 foot track. They delivered and we ran! Happy with the product. -Juliet

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On the face of it these are fairly simple garments, but there is a lot more to these garments than meets the eye. Over the years a lot of thought has gone into producing different lengths and cuts for different activities. At Pontoon, we produce a variety of garments which can be sublimated to match the look that you want.

Designed to provide you with the maximum freedom to move, the customize athletic version with 4-way stretch fabric comes with a variety of styles to suit distinct types of runners and running. Our garments are fully sublimated so we can match any Pantone colour you have.

Other popular options in our range are the 4-way gym shorts. These are perfect for changeable conditions, general wear and gym workouts. The fabric is sweat-wicking with ventilation to ensure they don’t hamper your performance. There are pockets for quick and easy storage.

Rugby shorts are made from a hard wearing cotton drill. They are not just used for Rugby but are often ordered by colleges as part of the uniform. Jump onto the Pontoon kit designer to get the ball rolling.

The Pontoon kit designer is really a great tool to order your apparel. We have a massive amount of options within each type of custom shorts we make. You can add your clubs, school or business colours and add the logo. Then check out to submit the order to our system. Doesn’t matter where you are or what time of day it is. You can get the order started so there is no rush before your event.

If you have any questions about any of our styles or ordering processes please contact us we’re here to help!