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High Performance Technology +

Minimized weight, increased performance

Our raw material is highly innovative fibre technology, less weight and a higher filiment content for top grade sportswear fabrics. We optimise this high end material for existing and new garment projects.


TITANIUM is super breathable, soft and highly durable fabric that promotes blood circulation. TITANIUM enables the wearer to stay perspiration free for long periods during intense exercise. This results in athletes performing longer and better. TITANIUM has easy body moisture absorption and dries very quickly. There are anti microbial properties which provide long lasting freshness, inhibits bacterial growth and reduces body odor. TITANIUM has a UV rating of 50+ and is used across a variety of products.


OSMOTEC ensures your body is cool and dry throughout every movement. The fiber has been specially formulated to trap moisture the moment it's released. By utilizing catch, move, release nanotechnology which moves moisture faster, this regulates body temperature. Moisture is absorbed into the yarn and quickly evaporates into the atmosphere leaving you cooler and dryer. The fabric is soft and strong containing 20% Xtra Life Lycra, which makes it a compression grade product. OSMOTEC was developed with comfort as an absolute priority.


CHLOROBAN is a Chlorine resistant fabric that takes Swimwear to a higher level of performance. In addition to Chlorine resistance Chloroban provides high UV protection, softness and wearer comfort, excellent stretch and shape retention, high levels of colour fastness and excellent strength and durability.


GOSSAMFIBER is light weight fabric offers superior breathability and cooling for maximum performance. With the revolutionary nano technology embedded into the yarn, this fabric also offers essential moisture management. It has a rating of 50+


BONDI is the perfect balance between lightness and elasticity. It's abrasion resistant and UV protective (UPF 50+)

Response Mesh

RESPONSE MESH is network interlocked to increase air circulation. This fabric allows maximum ventilation to aerate your body in every condition. The flexible yarn stays soft and springy whilst maintaining its elasticity and yield. RESPONSE MESH means versatility and comfort that keeps you refreshed, hour after hour.


Classic combed cotton jersey with soft hand feel and next to skin comfort. Available in a wide range of colours with specially knitted rib for the neck band.


HYDRA-TEX is a waterproof, windchill resistant and breathable material. This product is designed to shield and protect the body from the elements. The high grade permeable membrane ensures that water and wind are deflected, whilst body heat and sweat are allowed to escape. The combination of breathable technology and protection from the elements produces an enhanced performance fabric.


HYDRA-SHIELD is a lightweight, breathable microfiber polyester with water-resistant rapid-dry technology. The fabric features an anti-static coating for next to skin comfort.

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