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Because items vary in complexity minimums can vary between garments, here is how we generally categorise these items

  • Pontoon Lycra Items: No minimum required. Please note: small quantities will incur a higher price as specified in the price structure when you scroll over item.
  • Pontoon Outerwear Items: Minimum of 10 required
  • Pontoon Technical Items: Minimum of 6 required
  • Pontoon Casual Items: Minimum of 10 required

On some items a minimum will need to be achieved. If the minimum isn’t achieved then the system cancels and the order and does not process any payments.

Please be aware that you are not responsible for purchasing minimum orders yourself. The advantage of using the Team Order Portal is that you can invite others to join the order. Each person can then purchase the garment themselves and you are not financially responsible for the entire order.

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