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Welcome to the Pontoon Club Kit Section information page.

At Pontoon we have made it easy to add your club to the Pontoon Site and have club members purchasing product, all the while ensuring they are getting the best deal possible.

Use the guide below to get your club online and ordering right away

Sign up

  1. Log onto
  2. Select Club Kit
  3. Sign up/in
  4. Choose your club from the club list by either clicking the + sign or dragging the club name into 'My Clubs'
  5. Click 'Save'
  6. The club logo will appear on the top of the screen, click to enter the club page

Add your club

If you cannot find your club on the Pontoon Club Kit Section, it is very easy to add using the following steps:

  1. Click the Add Your Club button on the Club Kit Page
  2. Upload an image of your club, don't worry if it isn't a great quality image, our graphics team review all logos then, if needed, clean them up for no charge, as we always want your club looking it's best, online and in competition!
  3. Name your club
  4. Select which country your club is based

Add your product

Once your club is online, simply contact one of our representatives at Pontoon and we will happily help you design and upload new products for your club page. If you have a current club product that you would like Pontoon to replicate, simply go to your new club page, click add product and you will be able to upload photo of your current kit and we will do a design for you based on this item


Here is where it is a little different. We have eliminated the idea of 'order windows' which are only strictly opened at certain points of the year and instead made your club kit available to purchase all year round for your members. Any time someone wants to purchase kit, they can start an order for a desired item and invite other members from your club to join the group purchase and receive their kit at any point of the year.

How to Start an order

If you or a member of your club want to start a new order follow this process:

  1. Click the desired product in the club window
  2. You will be taken to the product page. Choose the product and let us know the size you are after, you can order 1 or 100 of this item. We have often found that people think they need to order 6 items as an individual because they see the minimum requirement, but this is not the case, you can order 1 item. The minimum refers to us needing 6 orders OVERALL for the entire order of this product to be valid i.e. 6 people ordering separately will achieve the minimum for this product.
  3. Click the 'START ORDER' button
  4. Choose the order period (this is how many days the order stays open for, the default is 14, but you or the person who starts the order can determine this)
  5. There is an option called 'CLOSING NUMBER' basically when the orders hit this number the order closes and submits automatically
    1. If you know how many people want to order and you need to submit it quickly to make an event, we suggest you set this amount for the desired number as once it reaches this number the order will close and submit automatically
  6. Click a shipping option, there are 3
    • Ship to my address (which means ship the whole order to the person who opens the order) *note we only recommend this if your club doesn't have a kit officer
    • Ship to kit officer (which means ship the whole order to the default kit officer)
    • Ship to me (which means that persons order will be extracted and sent to their own address, there is an extra charge for this)
  7. If Ship to my address or ship to me is chosen, they must type in their shipping address. If ship to kit officer is chosen, your address will appear automatically.
  8. Club members enter their VISA or MASTERCARD (we don't take switch or america express unfortunately, however we will be setting up paypal and phone payments very soon) and click submit. Your members will be charge a small fee (£0.10 or $0.10) as a card verification fee, that will be refunded when the order is charged. They won't be charge the full amount until the order has closed.
  9. Your club members can then invite other members to order. They can select registered members of the site to invite to order, or can manually input emails of members not registered to the Pontoon Site, and those members will be sent an email inviting them to join the Pontoon Site
  10. When you go back to your club page, you will see the new order bar. This will tell you how many of that product has been ordered by club members, the current price is based on the amount ordered, and the closing date of the order. Once the time runs out on the order bar, the order closes and submits. The final price for the item/s ordered by each member is automatically charged to their respective credit card, the order is submitted and delivered in 4 – 6 weeks from the orders closing date.

Just a note, that the person who opens an order will get a $0.50 or £0.25 discount for every person who orders that item. Therefore if 20 people order the item the person who opens the order gets a $10.00 or £5.00 discount for one of their item ordered, so get the ordering started for your club to get even more of a discount.

Please let us know if you have any questions or if you need a Pontoon representative to call you to talk you through the process.

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