About Us


Since 1999, Pontoon has focused on developing technically innovative gear for a range of sports. We develop garments from scratch, concentrating on providing the highest level of functionality that will deliver the greatest success to the user.

When an athlete, from any sport, chooses Pontoon, at the same time they entrust us to be part of their team and this is a responsibility that we do not take lightly. It is performance that is at the core of Pontoon Philosophy. If we fail to deliver the promise of our garments then we fail as a member of your team.

We listen to our athletes, we test our products we evolve our designs and we work with coaches and sports scientists to engineer garmets. We do this to create high performance products that will meet the demands of the aerobic endurance athlete, while providing the comfort and technical qualities to assist them reaching their goals.

This website is our link to the sporting community so we look forward to getting to know our customers and sharing our knowledge and experiences with them.

We therefore welcome you to the Pontoon family.

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