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I designed some t-shirts for a sports event. The print was spot on and they arrived early. We are happy :) -Cecilia

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Pontoon always does a great job for us. The kit is top of the line and they are nice people to deal with. Everyone is always happy with the result. -Dylan

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I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the jerseys. They were comfortable so we are happy. -Erin

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A T-shirt (or t shirt, or tee) is a type of garment named after the T shape that its body and sleeves make. Traditionally it has short sleeves and a round neckline, known as a crew neck, which lacks a collar. We make other variations like long sleeve custom tees, V-neck t-shirts and a variety of collar styles. Our range of bespoke tees are produced in a variety of fabrics based on the style of tee you’re after. Pontoon Sports tees are made of a stretchy, lightweight and durable fabric.

The fully sublimated tee, made from our Titanium fabric, is the workhorse of the custom uniform industry. Almost all teams we work with order this custom item along with the main sports uniform. They are worn to and from sports events, in the gym and other forms of cross training. When we designed the Pontoon sports tee not only did the fit have to be spot on, the fabric choice had to be correct. From looking at the market we discovered that a lot of companies would send out their team custom tees in cheap thick material that would overheat and be uncomfortable. As a result, a lot of teams wanted to go back to a cotton fabric for breathability.

The general feeling was that 100% polyester was not suitable. To combat this we introduced our Titanium fabric. A super breathable, soft and highly durable fabric that promotes blood circulation. It has easy body moisture absorption and dries very quickly. There are antimicrobial properties which provide long lasting freshness, inhibits bacterial growth and reduces body odor. Titanium is sublimated to match a club or teams main colours. For these reasons, we produce one of the best custom made shirts on the market. So why not get onto our innovative kit designer and design any of our garments to suit your team.

Not only does the t-shirt come in all shapes and sizes but different fabrics too - which are fit for purpose. We hold a range of stock cotton tees that we supply through our ‘need it now’ program. You can order custom shirts on our kit designer and they will be delivered to you within 10 business days. These garments are in stock so the printing phase is all that needs to be done. They are cheaper garments that are perfect for grand final days, special events, etc. Check them out on the kit designer!

To tie all this together is our online kit designer. This is a place, on our website, where you can get creative. Try out different colours and design combinations to get something that suits your club or team. Our online system cuts down the time taken up by the graphic development phase massively, which means the order goes into production quicker and to your door faster. To create a shirt online with the Pontoon Sports kit builder platform takes only a few minutes. If you need technical help or you want some friendly graphic advice, please get in touch.

Kicking off the process is easy just click on the desired custom tee option above to be taken to the style page. After selecting one of the template options and collar options you’ll be taken to the colour page. When colouring your tee you can enter in a pantone colour to match your teams style guidelines. If your club or team doesn’t have a particular Pantone colour just use one of our standard colour options. Then add text, logos and save the design. There you have it - design done! And, the great thing is the kit designer is always open so you can do this any time of the day, or night that suits you.

Now it’s onto the checkout. This part is easy to do but it’s important because our factory will use the information to make your custom tees. After you check out, the order is sent directly to our production line and made. Pricing is straightforward and easy to understand, turnaround times are rapid and you won’t be hit with set up fees on any custom product in our kit builder.

We're all about helping you achieve peak performance and to look great with our range of custom tees. If you have any questions about our products, fabrics or kit builder please don’t hesitate to contact us we would love to hear from you.