Design & Design Studio

How Do I Design My Garment?

We strongly encourage you to have a play with our Design Studio and create something unique for just yourself or your people too. We do have two options below though, just in case you have a pre-existing design or you'd prefer to hand colour or use your own computer software.

Option One: Using the Pontoon Design Studio:

Click here for our online Design StudioDesign Studio. You’ll find all the garments and styles we produce and you’ll be able to customise colours, add logos and choose the size of your text. Even if you’re not completely happy with your design, please do submit it. Our designers are on hand to support you and will use it as a starting point to add or change features at your request.

  1. Select your sport, your product category and your product. For example, if you’re looking for an LS Cycle top go to Cycling, click Cycle Tops and then your chosen product.
  2. The product you’ve picked will appear in the main window. Change it to your desired style by selecting one of the variations in the style bar that you’ll see located at the top of the Design Studio page.
  3. Now it’s time to add some colour. Click any part of the garment and the colour selector will open. Choose the colour you want for the part of the garment you’ve clicked on and you’ll see it change. You can also enter a specific PMS Code if you have one. Do this for the whole garment until you’re satisfied. Have fun and play around!
  4. Add your text. You can choose colours, add a border and change the font style until you’re happy with it. Your text can be resized, rotated and positioned wherever you like. You can also easily copy the text onto other parts of the garment by clicking on it and hitting the duplicate button.
  5. Next, upload your logo. You can add as many or as few as you like. Drag and drop the logo where you would like it to appear. Resize and rotate your logo/s until you’re happy with them. Again, you can duplicate any logo by clicking on it and the duplicate button. Please note that logos must be in .PNG or .JPEG format.
  6. Finally, save the design and hit 'Buy'. You can send it to the Team Order Portal for friends and members to order, or just purchase one for yourself and checkout right away.

Option Two: Generate a Design Using our Design Templates

Click here for our range of Design Templates. Some people choose to use our Design Templates with software programs such as Adobe Illustrator and some send us hand drawn or coloured sketches. We are able to work with any option, but if you provide us with a design pre-applied to one of our templates, our in-house graphic design team can quickly produce your first spec sheet and start processing your order. We believe, our experience in bringing your designs to life is what makes Pontoon unique compared to other custom sportswear companies.

  1. Go to our range of Design Templates to download your chosen garment.
  2. Colour in the panels of the template using coloured pencils/crayons or by using a computer program such as Paint or Illustrator.
  3. Add logos or text as desired. Just indicate on the template where you would like the logo to appear and attach a colour image of the logo(s).
  4. Tell us which sizes and how many of each you require and email us your colour template and logo images. here
  5. Or, upload the design template onto the correct design in the Design Studio and checkout straight away.

Graphic Design

Please note that different types of decoration and logo application require different logo files, but don’t worry as we’ll guide you every step of the way.


We use the latest in embroidery tools, equipment, threads and digitizing software to enable us to embroider your logo onto most garments in the Pontoon range. Our outstanding systems ensure that your logo is crisp and professional and makes your team or company stand out from the crowd. Multi-coloured embroidery is ideal for crests, especially on outerwear garments.

Digital Transfers

Digital Transfers are similar to a sticker and are applied using heat to create a permanent bond. Pontoon’s excellent pricing, low minimum order quantity and fast turnaround times mean that digital transfers are a great alternative to traditional screen printing or embroidery. Use as many colours as you like to create a vibrant design that doesn’t crack or fade.

Dye Sublimation

Dye sublimation uses a large format digital printer, heat resistant paper and dyes which are comprised of mini dye ‘capsules’ suspended in a printable base. The dyes are subjected to high temperatures and pressure on a large format heat press which super charges them into a gas, transferring a sharp and permanent image to the fabric.

Graphic Design When Working with Dye Sublimation

All artwork created by us or submitted to us must be a vector graphics file. Vector artwork is generated by plotting points on X/Y coordinates and joining them, much like a connect-the-dots puzzle. This produces nice clean logos and artwork and allows our designers to resize your logos and text without losing any image quality.

To ensure we do the best possible job for you, we prefer vector artwork created in Adobe Illustrator, Freehand or Corel Draw. Please also send us a PDF of the final design along with your artwork when using these programs.

Please note that there may be an additional set-up time if we receive files that are not in the correct format as we’ll need to recreate them in a vector format. Most logos are simple and don’t take long to convert and we normally don’t charge for this. The most important thing is to ensure that your image is clear.

Examples of files that require additional artwork:
  • Photoshop documents
  • JPEGs, GIFs, or TIFF files
  • Anything taken from the internet

Please ensure you have the appropriate permission to use the logo you have provided, we may request written confirmation that you are able to use these logos

If you’re having trouble providing vector artwork, just let us know and we’ll be happy to help.